Chapter 9: The Leviathan Index

Chapter 9: The Leviathan Index. I began this project by trying to look at sovereignty itself, in its various forms, from soft to hard, or (ala Lynne Payne of Harvard) “compliance vs. integrity” structures for achieving integrity of systems.  I wished to establish an index of the amount of constraint necessary to achieve civility or compliance with law in large systems.  Specifically, I looked at factors related to nation states (incarceration rates; expenditures on police and civil security, expenditures on defense and armaments, costs related to civil litigation and contract enforcement, etc.) and to multinational corporations (training of employees, costs associated with compliance to federal and state regulation – e.g. Sarbanes Oxley, offensive and defensive expenditures on litigation, expenditures on monitoring of employees, cost associated with environmental performance, etc.).  The end of this investigation was to be the creation of a Hobbesian Index (the Leviathan Index) to compare large organizations as to the extent of force use to achieve obedience with law or civility.  I wanted to then rank organizations as to how coercive or cultured each was relative to citizens and employees.  I still think this is a potentially rich field of academic research.  What my faithful research assistant and I would learn is that MNCs are not willing to reveal such information (at least if it is attributable to the specific corporation) and that while there is vast information on Nation States about military expenditures, prison population, police and criminal justice expenditures there is very little continuity of data, nation to nation.  So this appendix will be suggestive, but not definitive, as to how to evaluate Corporations and Nations as to the amount of force or intrusion used by each to achieve civil behavior or corporate compliance.