Chapter 8: The New Hobbesians

Chapter 8:  The New Hobbesians.  Who are those today on the critical edge of scholarship, policy and thought related to such questions as those I have addressed in this book?  Surprisingly, the field of what I call “new Hobbesian thought” is literally exploding.  I will briefly summarize the ideas of a few of the authors who I feel fit this bill, but through and beyond them, lies excellent resources for the reader to develop and expand on the conversations that, hopefully, this book has initiated.

  • Political economist John N. Gray
  • Biologist and environmental philosopher Hershel Elliott
  • Novelist Philip Pullman
  • Politician and policy analyst (my friend and colleague) Richard D. Lamm
  • Harvard philosopher and ethicist Christine Krosgaard
  • Harvard professor of government Michael Sandel
  • Author, Journalist, Economist Robert Kuttner
  • Economist and author Hernando de Soto