Chapter 6: Democracy and Theocracy

Chapter 6:  Democracy and Theocracy. What is the future of the secular state?  Is the U.S. constitutional solution to the problem of religion and democracy (non-establishment and free practice) the only solution to this ancient dilemma?  Can secular and theocratic states coexist in a globalized world (without borders)?  Can citizens of a single state of differing faith backgrounds (including none at all) learn a new language of citizenship without god-reference? Is peace possible in a world where many nation states seem still hell bent on crusading?  Is evangelical atheism as injurious to civil society as religious evangelicals? Is religion a fundamental inclination of human nature?  Can one be secure enough in his own faith to comfortably coexist with those of other faiths in civil discourse?  Why are, “The bitterest wars those between sects of the same religion?”[1] What is the relationship between religion and war?

[1] Hobbes, p 24 De Cive