Chapter 5: The Law of Nature and the Nature of Law

Chapter 5:  The Law of Nature and the Nature of Law.  Are there any universals? What is law and how is law related to “The Law of Nature” (if there is such a thing)?  What is the appropriate relationship between law and religion?  Is there a “law of nations” anymore, and what is the relationship of The Law of Nature and The Law of Nations?  What is jurisdiction and how is the authority established to “speak the law?” Isn’t law really the only alternative to war?  Who are the parties, the juridical persons, in a new structure of international law?  Nation States?  Multinational Corporations? Non-Governmental Organizations?  Does The Universal Declaration of Human Rights still represent the value foundation of international law? If not, what are the “hyper norms” of this new age upon which international law may be grounded?